Delivery Time


On average, it is possible to translate between 1,500 and 2,500 words per day given the high level of concentration needed in the practice of translation. However, this can depend heavily on the difficulty of the text to translate. Crucial to this is, firstly, the field as well as the topic of the source text followed, secondly, by the style of the text.

With relatively technical texts made of simple sentences and a lot of repetition around one topic in which I am already acquainted, I will be able to work at a substantially faster pace compared to a text on an unknown topic and for which I would have to conduct a lot of research or compared to a text which has a heavily edited style, which is often the case with marketing texts.

With this in mind, it is important to provide me with as much information about the source text as possible, or submit the text itself, so that I can offer you an exact completion deadline.


Similar to translation, I cannot provide a global timeframe for a proof-read as the speed depends greatly on the quality of the initial translation.

To make things simple, it's best for you to send me your request for a quote with the text for proof-reading and I'll skim through it to give you a likely completion deadline.