Conference Interpreting versus Liaison Interpreting

Conference interpreters follow and complete special studies which train them in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for international organisations or large private conferences. I have not been specifically trained as such in this area and can therefore not offer you professional conference interpreting services.

Liaison interpreting can be defined as the work of a language mediator who transfers meaning between two or among a maximum of three people simultaneously. This means that the interpreter is in direct contact with the group of people and is not under the same pressure as a conference interpreter who works simultaneously in a booth separated from the listeners and speakers. A conference interpreting degree is not necessarily required in order to provide liaison interpreting services as during general studies in Translating and Interpreting, interpreting techniques are taught. In order to further develop my own skills in this area, I have been taking classes in this since completing my degree: this sort of work demands a lot of practice, concentration and subject knowledge.

I am available for your needs if you are interested in requesting my liaison interpreting services. Just simply send me your query and I'll get back in touch as soon as possible.